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Fortress Allambie makes 200 days!

Another great target achieved!’ Fortress Allambie’ reached 200 days on 17 October 2020 without any resident presenting with flu or COVID-19. Congratulations to all our staff for your care of our residents and for your attention to Infection Control and Workplace, Health & Safety. The journey continues!   Ciarán Foley Chief Executive Officer. 19 October 2020. […]

Fortress Allambie lights its Olympic Torch with true Australian Spirit!

On 24 September2020,  ‘Fortress Allambie’ commemorated and celebrated Sydney’s Olympic Games of 2000. True Australian Spirit was on show again, this time by Australia’s Elders! We were also marking Dementia Week. Every hour, 10 Australians are diagnosed with Dementia and across the world, 1 person every 3 seconds. So, follow the great example of Fortress […]

‘Fortress Allambie’, the Safest Place in Australia for the past 175 days. What a Team!

I am immensely proud to share that ‘Fortress Allambie’ has kept its residents safe for the past 175 days with no resident having experienced a cold, flu or COVID-19! Let’s put it another way, our residents have experienced excellent health and our skilled staff, all across our Company have done everything right in infection control, […]

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125 Days – Our Journey Continues…

I am pleased to announce that our journey continues! Today, 3 August 2020 represents 125 days of no colds, no flu and no COVID-19 among our residents of Allambie Heights Village Residential Aged Care Facility. To the entire team of staff of our Residential Aged Care Facility and across our Company, thank you. Thank you […]

allambie heights aged care 100 days covid free

100 Days! Life is Colourful at Fortress Allambie!

We did it! What another outstanding achievement at Fortress Allambie! On 9 July 2020, we reached 100 days without our residents experiencing a cold, flu or COVID-19! I want to thank a remarkable group of staff who have collectively across the entire Company of Allambie Heights Village Ltd. done everything right in terms of hygiene, […]

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Fortress Allambie at 80 days. Defence lines strong!

No colds, no flu and no Covid-19 over the past 80 days among residents at Allambie Heights Village Residential Aged Care Facility! That’s an excellent record of staff adherence to Infection Controls and Hygiene Practices across the entire Company of Allambie Heights Village Ltd. We started counting the days after the evening of 31 March […]

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50 days without a cold, flu or COVID-19

‘Fortress Allambie’ entered into Elevated Restricted Access status on the evening of 31 March 2020. No relatives or visitors were permitting access to the residential aged care facility except on compassionate or medical grounds in respect of only a very small number of residents’ relatives whom we accommodated with visits under strict Infection Control Procedures. I […]