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COVID-19 Vaccination

On 23 August 2021, 100% of our Company staff at Allambie Heights Village Ltd. achieved the target of having a first dose of a COVID-19 vaccination. We have modelled and tracked this for months encouraging and listening to our staff. Communication has been key to our success so far and in achieving Fortress Allambie 500! […]

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Fortress Allambie 400!

Well, we’ve done it again, Fortress Allambie 400! 400 days of keeping our Residents of Allambie Heights Village Residential Aged Care Facility safe with Zero Covid-19 and Zero Flu incidences, 2 residents showed some symptoms of a cold in all this time, simply remarkable. There is a story behind the ‘Fortress Allambie’ tag and I look forward […]

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CEO Ciaran Foley speaks to online Magazine SATURDAY, Your Retirement and Aged Care Leadership Voice

‘Allambie Heights Village Ltd. CEO Ciarán Foley on why operators need to realise their power’  Ciaran spoke to Australia’s operators at the Leaders Summit 2021 in March, some of which is included in the article below See below an excerpt below. To view the full issue, visit The Weekly SOURCE to subscribe. Please remember: CLICK […]

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Fortress Allambie 365!

“We made it!” said a jubilant Ciarán Foley, Chief Executive Officer of Allambie Heights Village Ltd. on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. “OK, we know that we reached the year mark some time ago but back in 2020, we picked a day to start counting and 1 April 2021 represents 365 days of residents of our residential […]

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Fortress Allambie, 300, Not Out!

No, that’s not a cricket score, that’s the Health Score at Fortress Allambie as at 25 January 2021! Our entire Company staff at Allambie Heights Village Ltd. on Sydney’s Northern Beaches has performed brilliantly in performing the highest levels of hygiene and infection prevention controls to keep our residents and each other safe. And we […]

allambie heights village 240 days without covid

Fortress Allambie at 240 days

On 26 November 2020, we achieved 240 days of no flu and no COVID-19 at our Allambie Heights Village Residential Aged Care Facility. Now that’s real protection of our residents and something to talk about, even shout about! So, spread the word widely and proudly! Another great health metric achieved. Go Fortress Allambie! Go Australia’s […]

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Fortress Allambie makes 200 days!

Another great target achieved!’ Fortress Allambie’ reached 200 days on 17 October 2020 without any resident presenting with flu or COVID-19. Congratulations to all our staff for your care of our residents and for your attention to Infection Control and Workplace, Health & Safety. The journey continues!   Ciarán Foley Chief Executive Officer. 19 October 2020. […]

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Fortress Allambie lights its Olympic Torch with true Australian Spirit!

On 24 September2020,  ‘Fortress Allambie’ commemorated and celebrated Sydney’s Olympic Games of 2000. True Australian Spirit was on show again, this time by Australia’s Elders! We were also marking Dementia Week. Every hour, 10 Australians are diagnosed with Dementia and across the world, 1 person every 3 seconds. So, follow the great example of Fortress […]