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“Annual Report 2020 released on 28 October 2020 at the Company AGM. Ciarán Foley, Chief Executive Officer reports continued strong financial performance with a Company EBITDA of $1,279,199 and  Net Profit of $1,067,524 during  on one of the most challenging years experienced in modern history. A humble reminder of the weakness of the human body but what an opportunity to show an immense human spirit to push through, to sustain the waves of threats and to show Australia and the world that as an Industry, we have always been something special, providing ‘special’ in so many acts of compassion, kindness, skill and professionalism throughout every minute of every day to our residents. Proud is insufficient a description to demonstrate my feeling towards my team of staff, every single one of them across our Company who set aside their job titles and job descriptions to assist each other in working and responding to our residents and to create environments of normality where we could and we did……

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