100 Days! Life is Colourful at Fortress Allambie!

allambie heights aged care 100 days covid free

We did it! What another outstanding achievement at Fortress Allambie! On 9 July 2020, we reached 100 days without our residents experiencing a cold, flu or COVID-19!

I want to thank a remarkable group of staff who have collectively across the entire Company of Allambie Heights Village Ltd. done everything right in terms of hygiene, care and protection to ensure the safety and well-being of our residents.

Thank you too to our contractors, the GPs who have returned to us to date and the allied health professionals. And a special thank you to our residents’ families who have been on this journey with us so supportively and who have returned in numbers throughout the week to visit their loved ones, our residents during restricted access which continues. They have followed all of the health and hygiene requirements too. Our residents have been so understanding and thankful to our staff and management. They are aware of the sacrifices that everyone has made to date. What a wonderful group of people.

Okay, we have reached 100 days today. Now, let’s keep doing the great work, together! No weak areas! Everyone, residents, staff, relatives, contractors, visitors, we need to remain responsible and accountable to everyone and to each other by remaining safe and healthy. Do not visit our residential aged care facility if you are feeling any symptoms of poor health or feeling unwell.

Our photos represent the strong defensive lines sustained by our staff and how wonderful that we could include our residents this time in a special ‘100’ photo!

By working together, we will keep the Defence Lines tight!

My thanks and appreciation to you all.

‘Our Business is Protection!’

Ciarán Foley
Chief Executive Officer.
Email: CFoley@alhvillage.com.au

9th July 2020.