Fortress Allambie lights its Olympic Torch with true Australian Spirit!

allambie heights village aged care olympics

On 24 September2020,  ‘Fortress Allambie’ commemorated and celebrated Sydney’s Olympic Games of 2000. True Australian Spirit was on show again, this time by Australia’s Elders!

We were also marking Dementia Week. Every hour, 10 Australians are diagnosed with Dementia and across the world, 1 person every 3 seconds.

So, follow the great example of Fortress Allambie which celebrated on 22 September 2020 our residents having had no colds, no flu and no COVID-19 for 175 days. Stay well, stay physically well and stay mentally well. Keep your brain physically fit and keep dementia away.

To the Fortress Allambie Olympians (our residents) and all the staff of Allambie Heights Village Ltd., you are Simply The Best!

 ‘Our Business is Protection’

Now enjoy the great video and check out photos from the event below.