COVID-19 Vaccination

On 23 August 2021, 100% of our Company staff at Allambie Heights Village Ltd. achieved the target of having a first dose of a COVID-19 vaccination. We have modelled and tracked this for months encouraging and listening to our staff. Communication has been key to our success so far and in achieving Fortress Allambie 500!

It’s about leadership too, effective leadership and I thank our COVID-19 Action Team who have been outstanding and a true force in all of this since we first met in February 2020.

And our great staff who have done so much in maintaining and implementing infection controls, excellent hygiene standards and sacrifices in limiting their own contact with others when not at work.

On 13 September 2021, all our staff will be fully COVID-19 vaccinated, a target achieved, beyond NSW and National targets for vaccinations!

‘Our Buisness is Protection!’

Ciarán Foley
Chief Executive Officer
Allambie Heights Village Ltd.
‘Fortress Allambie’