Can’t Stop Dancin’, Can’t Stop Singin’

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Veronica and Loosely Woven


The entertainment and the rhythm of our visiting troops of Happy Wanderers and Loosely Woven had our residents, staff and some relatives ‘grooving and movin’ to the beat (okay, that’s my musical vocabulary exhausted!) over past weeks. The photos here and many more on our website say it all.

A care staff member who had just started working with us some years ago said to me when she had been working for a few days and witnessed our Recreational Activities Program, “Our residents have a better social life than me”. Well, it’s true. 7 days a week since 2019 of a Program over a daily 12 hour period (with the odd little break), it’s a great lifestyle offering.

Our visiting entertainers love coming to us and we love seeing them making our residents feel part of the greater community of the Northern Beaches.

Anyone for a dance?


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