Twenty four brand new, fantastically designed retirement apartments planned for William Charlton Village

brand new retirement village northern beaches

Our newly planned Living Community awaiting consent.


As readers will be aware, we have been working with some of the finest Consultants over the past year plus, to create a new retirement village to the West of William Charlton Village, Retirement Village. Our Development Application was delivered to Northern Beaches Council on 11 October 2018.

Our new retirement village has embedded in its design and vision, accommodation that will attract residents over the next 30 years and beyond, allowing people to grow older and live longer at home if that is their wish. In our work, we have encouraged our Consultants to dream about how people may want to live over the next 30 years and to design accommodation, facilities and a living community that reflects this vision. We are immensely excited about the living community that we will create.

On 6 September 2019, we learned that Council and the Local Planning Panel require our movement or re-location of the proposed Pool Building away from our planned location. While this was disappointing news to receive and a decision that surprised greatly our Consultants, we have already engaged in looking at the Pool Building and its location. We are very happy that our apartments and many other aspects of our application are compliant as we would expect.

While this puts our commencement of construction back a few months, we are confident and positive of achieving consent in the months ahead. We have already 13 parties who have expressed an interest in moving into our new living community of 24 fantastically designed apartments.

william charlton village northern beaches

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