Forward planning and preparation of our aged care industry for COVID-19

“Australia’s operators’ forward planning and preparation of our aged care industry for COVID-19 has been key in our protecting our older Australians and saving lives’.

“Having worked and managed health services in the UK and Ireland in the 1990s and early 2000s, it is immensely saddening to see systems there struggle and fail and large numbers of residents and staff of residential nursing homes becoming infected and dying from COVID-19” says Ciaran Foley, CEO of Allambie Heights Village Ltd., an Operator of a Residential Aged Care Facility and Retirement Villages on Sydney’s Northern Beaches”.

“Countries will learn from this pandemic as we all must about the essential need for Governments and health systems to plan forward effectively for large scale infections and for future possible pandemics.”

“Australia can be World Champions in our leadership as we battle against this virus’.

“We are winning this fight, we are not yet at the winning line but we are nearer than most countries’.

“Stay safe and focussed and believe in your Aged Care Operators and frontline worker heroes who have the skills, expertise and compassion to protect our older Australians’., says Foley.

From Fortress Allambie!

Ciaran Foley
Allambie Heights Village Ltd.

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