Protecting the elderly is a priority for the most vulnerable

protecting the elderly during coronavirus

Allambie Heights Village was featured recently in an article published in the Australian newspaper (23/3/20) highlighted the importance of making life as normal as possible for aged care residents in the time of Coronavirus.
Below is an excerpt from the article:

Avoiding heartbreak inside a nursing home on Sydney’s northside means more than it ever did. 

In the best of times, the task for nurses and housekeepers at Allambie Heights Village was to make life as normal as possible for the twilight years of 42 elderly residents. When everyday illnesses already pose a risk to the survival of these people in frail health, the threat of coronavirus, highly contagious and dangerous for people with serious underlying conditions or weakened immunity, has suddenly changed everything in the battle to keep them safe. 

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protecting the elderly during covid 19

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