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Fortress Allambie at 80 days. Defence lines strong!

No colds, no flu and no Covid-19 over the past 80 days among residents at Allambie Heights Village Residential Aged Care Facility! That’s an excellent record of staff adherence to Infection Controls and Hygiene Practices across the entire Company of Allambie Heights Village Ltd. We started counting the days after the evening of 31 March […]

aged care coronavirus northern beaches

50 days without a cold, flu or COVID-19

‘Fortress Allambie’ entered into Elevated Restricted Access status on the evening of 31 March 2020. No relatives or visitors were permitting access to the residential aged care facility except on compassionate or medical grounds in respect of only a very small number of residents’ relatives whom we accommodated with visits under strict Infection Control Procedures. I […]

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Channel 9 News: “We’re in elevated restricted access because we want to save lives, ” says CEO from ‘Fortress Allambie’

Allambie Heights Village CEO was interviewed by Channel 9 news on 23rd April 2020 discussing why restricted access at aged care facilities is so important. “We’re in elevated restricted access because we want to save lives”, commented Ciaran Foley, CEO of Allambie Heights Village (aka Fortress Allambie). Watch the Channel 9 News clip below. With confirmation of […]

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Are our older Australians worth a cappuccino and a good pastry?

OPINION. Allambie Heights Village Residential Aged Care Facility on Sydney’s Northern Beaches or ‘Fortress Allambie’ as it is being referred to following the installation of a banner there in mid-April, went into Restricted Access for relatives’ visits about mid-March 2020. It then went into a status of ‘Elevated Restricted Access’ on the evening of 31 […]