Fortress Allambie 365!

allambie heights village and aged care 365 days without covid

“We made it!” said a jubilant Ciarán Foley, Chief Executive Officer of Allambie Heights Village Ltd. on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

“OK, we know that we reached the year mark some time ago but back in 2020, we picked a day to start counting and 1 April 2021 represents 365 days of residents of our residential aged care facility being flu free, Covid-19 free and with only one resident in all this time having presented with symptoms of a cold”, he said.

On 31 March 2021, our residents received their second/final dose of the Covid-19 vaccination.

“Our Business is Protection and our outstanding team of Company staff have pulled together in all possible ways to protect our older residents for 365 days, put simply, we have saved lives”, he added.

Congratulations All at Fortress Allambie at 365 days, you represent the very best in The Great Australian Aged Care Industry, the very best of Australia!

Ciarán Foley, Chief Executive Officer.
1 April 2021