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Channel 9 News: “We’re in elevated restricted access because we want to save lives, ” says CEO from ‘Fortress Allambie’

Allambie Heights Village CEO was interviewed by Channel 9 news on 23rd April 2020 discussing why restricted access at aged care facilities is so important. “We’re in elevated restricted access because we want to save lives”, commented Ciaran Foley, CEO of Allambie Heights Village (aka Fortress Allambie). Watch the Channel 9 News clip below. With confirmation of […]

ciaran foley ceo allambie heights village

Are our older Australians worth a cappuccino and a good pastry?

OPINION. Allambie Heights Village Residential Aged Care Facility on Sydney’s Northern Beaches or ‘Fortress Allambie’ as it is being referred to following the installation of a banner there in mid-April, went into Restricted Access for relatives’ visits about mid-March 2020. It then went into a status of ‘Elevated Restricted Access’ on the evening of 31 […]

allambie heights village residents meeting 17th April 2020

Resident Meeting, 17 April 2020

Management and staff attending a Resident Meeting at Allambie Heights Village Ltd. on Friday morning, 17 April 2020. Describing our infection control processes when their relatives are leaving presents and packages for them and hearing feedback from our residents. Morale is high and our residents are well.

ciaran foley ceo allambie heights village

Forward planning and preparation of our aged care industry for COVID-19

“Australia’s operators’ forward planning and preparation of our aged care industry for COVID-19 has been key in our protecting our older Australians and saving lives’. “Having worked and managed health services in the UK and Ireland in the 1990s and early 2000s, it is immensely saddening to see systems there struggle and fail and large numbers […]

allambie heights village coronavirus update

COVID-19 Update – 31st March 2020

Today, we placed our Residential Aged Care Facility into a No Entry / Lockdown status for relatives and visitors in order to protect our residents. Thank you to everyone for your immense support and appreciation. Our team of staff are experts at protection and we will care and look after all our residents, your loved […]

protecting the elderly during coronavirus

Protecting the elderly is a priority for the most vulnerable

Allambie Heights Village was featured recently in an article published in the Australian newspaper (23/3/20) highlighted the importance of making life as normal as possible for aged care residents in the time of Coronavirus. Below is an excerpt from the article: Avoiding heartbreak inside a nursing home on Sydney’s northside means more than it ever did.  […]